1000 Vines

Upon retiring from the United States Congress in 2011, I revived a small vineyard of about 1,000 grape vines left unattended for about 10 years.   I planted these vines more than 30 years ago and the vineyard was the first to be planted in Mariposa County since the Prohibition Era, almost one hundred years ago.

After three years of hard labor I was able to harvest the first crop from the renovated vineyard. Today, in addition to Sauvignon Blanc, I am proud to announce the availability of my 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon this fall.

This Sauvignon Blanc, under my new label, 1,000 Vines (there are really 952 vines in the field and I rounded up) is increasingly recognized as an exceptional wine with intense flavors and a long lasting finish.  I think it is due to the quadrilateral cordon trellis system and bird netting which allowed more radiant light on the fruit and longer hang time as the growing season cooled.  The fruit sweetened by day and maintained acid by night with no interruption from winged critters.

I think you will really like this wine! , If you like, I will keep you posted on awards and reviews I expect to receive along the way.

1000 Vines

Best Wishes,
George Radanovich




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